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Ryanted Duarte

Ryanted (a.ka. Ryan) Originally from Hawaii, and is a resident artist at Artwerks Studios in Nashville TN. His passion for tattooing and desire to be tattooed himself propelled him down a career path that made the most sense for him. After serving in the Air Force, Ryan is no stranger to working hard. Picking up an apprenticeship while he was in the Air Force, he quickly jumped into the tattoo world after his time was complete. Ryan began his tattoo journey in 2015 as an apprentice at Hollywood Twisted Needle in South Georgia, honing his craft before moving to Nashville in 2019. Ryan specializes in black and gray realism, bold line work, bright colors, Neo-Traditional, Neo-Japanese and large scale tattoos. Ryan has jumped out of his comfort zone and has taken his art to another level. While he enjoys the occasional realism project, his true passion is working on big Japanese-style tattoo projects and he would love to take on more anime projects. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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